About Us


Ashley's Place is named for an actual victim of child sexual abuse in Sumner County. Ashley's Place is dedicated to Ashley and all the victims of abuse throughout Sumner County who deserve a child friendly place to be interviewed and receive the therapy they so desparately need. Established in 2000 and guided by a Board of Directors, the Advocacy Center is committed to strengthening efforts across Sumner County by building on existing resources and providing services tailored to the individual needs of the community. 


Our Mission

The mission of the Sumner Child Advocacy Center is to ensure that a cooperative, multi-disciplinary team delivers comprehensive services to child physical and sexual victims and their families in a child-focused, neutral-based facility. By providing coordinated services through cooperation among the various disciplines, the Center will ensure that each child will be protected from further victimization. The Child Advocacy Center will ensure the development and implementation of child physical and sexual abuse prevention and provide community education.