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Our Team

Ashley’s Place Staff

Amy Burke-Salyers,  Executive Director

Emily Stockdale,  Forensic Interviewer

Bethanee Burden, Family/Victim Advocate 

Shawn Lilly, LPC/MHSP


Partnering Agencies

18th District Attorney General’s Office

Sumner County Sheriff’s Office

Hendersonville Police Department

Gallatin Police Department 

Portland Police Department

Millersville Police Department

White House Police Department

Goodlettsville Police Department

Westmoreland Police Department

Tennessee Department of Children’s Services

Sumner County Juvenile Court

Our Kids, Inc


Ashley’s Place Board of Directors


Micah Hartman, Board President

Leslie Ritchie, Vice President

Cynthia McClard, Secretary

Mark Webster, Treasurer

Barry Somerville

Eddie Cripps

Nancy Wright

Colleen Dean

Sharon Sabie 

Troy Damewood

It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child...

Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

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